Businessmen’s Guide to Vietnam Internet Access and WiFi

Vietnam Visa | February 20, 2019

Are you a business traveler planning a trip to Vietnam? If so, the chances are very high that you’re going to need access to a speedy internet connection while you’re there. In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Vietnam internet access so you’re never without a signal when you need it most. We’ve also included bonus information about getting your travel visa and making sure everything goes as planned.

Vietnam Internet Access

The beautiful country of Vietnam has become a popular travel destination for families, couples, and business travelers alike. In recent years, Vietnam has seen remarkable growth and an influx of income from the travel industry. What was once known as a rural and somewhat “behind-the-times” country in Asia has rapidly become a vibrant collection of bustling cities and a delightful fusion of French and Southeast Asian culture.

As Vietnam adapted to the expectations of tourists and travelers, wireless internet access improved a great deal and spread throughout the entire country—save for a few national parks and rural farming communities.

As a business traveler, you’ll be pleased to learn that Vietnam’s internet access is readily available to fulfill your wireless needs.

In Your Hotel, Hostel, or Guest House

The travel industry in Vietnam quickly learned that internet access was a must for most travelers, whether those travelers were visiting to experience authentic Vietnamese culture or engage in an important business conference or meeting.

Because of this, almost every hotel, hostel, or guest house in the major cities offers their guests free Wi-Fi and a strong internet connection. As you search for the place you’ll be staying at, we suggest you check the list of accommodations to ensure you’ll have free access to the internet—merely as a precaution.

Restaurants with Wi-Fi

Perhaps you prefer to do business outside of your hotel room. Maybe you have a big presentation to deliver over a swanky lunch with a few valuable prospects. If this is the case, you should have no trouble finding a restaurant that provides Wi-Fi for their patrons. Here are a few great restaurants throughout Vietnam that provide free Wi-Fi hotspots through the Wiman mobile app.

  • Quán Ốc 20k Thanh Trúc in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Nhà hàng Việt Dung in Hanoi
  • La Maison 1888 in Da Nang

Internet Cafes in Vietnam

Do you like to work in a cozy corner armchair with a steaming cup of coffee in hand? There are plenty of internet cafes to choose from in Vietnam, but be warned, these places are often a popular hangout spot for chatty teens. If you really need to focus on your work, we suggest getting a corner table at a quiet restaurant or bringing a cup of coffee back to your hotel lobby. If you don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the busy city cafe, it’s a great place to get a feel for authentic Vietnamese culture while you work!

For the Important Details

Now that you know all about Vietnam’s internet access, you can stop worrying about whether or not you’ll have Wi-Fi and start squaring away the more important details of your trip and reading up on Vietnam’s government policies for travelers. Use these quick links about obtaining your Travel Visa to plan your trip and make sure things go smoothly. Happy travels!