Time to Fly: Making Post-Pandemic Travel Plans for 2022 and Beyond

Vietnam Visa | June 10, 2022
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After living through two-plus years with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is wonderful to see life starting to return to normal. During the height of the global pandemic, many people had to cancel, postpone, or limit their travel plans. In some cases, governments banned people from traveling entirely.

While this situation was definitely challenging, the vaccine has helped many people return to a more normal life. Part of this return to normalcy has involved getting back to traveling! In this post, we share a few things to consider when making your 2022 and beyond travel plans.

Travel bans and visa requirements

Despite the availability of the vaccine for coronavirus, travel restrictions have not been lifted overnight. In fact, as the virus has surged throughout parts of the world, restrictions are often reinstated in certain areas and situations. With this in mind, people who intend to travel during 2022 and beyond should carefully research COVID travel restrictions and guidelines for the countries they plan to visit.

One topic to research, in particular, is the destination country’s most current visa requirements. Many countries have changed their visa requirements during the pandemic, and travelers must be up-to-date with those changes, which may change very quickly. Additionally, some countries and agencies may face delays in processing visa applications or may quarantine as part of the immigration process. If you plan to travel during 2022, it is best to research travel requirements and start your visa applications as soon as possible before your trip.

Book travel early for the best price

Airfare prices have been all over the place since the start of the global pandemic. At first, air travel ticket prices dropped significantly as many travelers canceled their trips. However, many ticket prices sharply increased soon after as airlines limited the number of planes in operation.

For those who wish to travel in 2022, travelers should realize that flight prices have been on the rise. Because so many people have been itching to travel, now that planes are flying again there is an increase in demand for tickets, which in turn has caused flight tickets to become quite expensive.

To try to secure the best possible price for your airfare, travelers should book their flights early. Travelers can lock in current prices now, and they can also make sure that they have a seat!

Take this time to make your dream itinerary

Even if you are not quite ready to pack your bags for your next adventure, you can always start working on your dream itinerary and make sure that you get the most out of your next trip.

As you surely remember from your last trip, travel destinations always have more to do and explore than time allows. By planning your itinerary well in advance, you can research each location of your trip thoroughly to ensure that you do not miss anything exciting. Instead of just focusing on where to stay and what to see, you can focus on finer details, such as places you want to eat at and foods that you want to try. Making an itinerary can be fun, and it always enhances the travel experience.

Tips on how to travel safely during COVID

Now that the vaccine is readily available and the pandemic numbers are improving, travel is certainly possible for many destinations. At the same time, travelers should still take several precautions to ensure that their trips are as safe as possible. Airports, airlines and other transportation companies will all have their own current rules regarding wearing a mask and social distancing; if you can, check websites prior to your trip to learn the current regulations so you can prepare. Regardless of the official rules, it is still wise to keep your hands as clean as you can with soap and water or hand sanitizer. Travelers can also take steps to ensure their safety by gathering health insurance documents and ensuring they have international coverage. Before their trips, travelers can research in-network testing sites, clinics, and hospitals at their travel destinations to make sure they know where to go in case of a health emergency.

How Vietnam Visa Helps Travelers with Post-Pandemic Plans

At Vietnam Visa, we have helped many travelers navigate recent changes in travel and visa requirements. In many cases, the pandemic has made sorting out travel details challenging. However, with proper planning, travelers can ensure that they know what to expect and that their trip goes smoothly.

If you are considering travel in 2022, check out some popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, and learn more about how to get a Vietnam visa. Trips to Vietnam remain popular among travelers on all budgets, and we look forward to hosting even tourists in 2022.