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It is hard to believe that 2020 is – thankfully – almost over. This year has definitely been eventful, and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly added a crazy twist since the early spring. Many people have had to cancel, postpone, or limit their travel plans this year with the pandemic. In some cases, governments banned […]

When planning a trip to Vietnam, be sure to reserve some time to explore southern Vietnam’s many beautiful beaches. The country has over 2,000 miles of coastline! With that much land along the sea, there is a perfect beach for every traveler. Here is our list of some of the best beaches in Vietnam (they […]

When is Vietnam’s weather best for travelers?

Vietnam Visa | December 19, 2019

If you are planning on visiting Vietnam, you may be wondering, which months have the best weather for visiting the country? It is a hard question to answer, as Vietnam is a vast country with unique weather patterns for each region. The truth is that there is never a wrong time to visit Vietnam. At […]

Food Delicacies You Can Only Try in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa | December 2, 2019

Vietnamese food is more than just pho – the popular hearty meat soup. To truly experience the full gamut of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you will have to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam is known for its more interesting foods. Wines made with cobras, various insect delicacies, and odorous fruit are just some of the more interesting […]

How to Be a Non-Touristy Tourist in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa | October 30, 2019

Each year upwards of fifteen million people visit Vietnam. It is no wonder that with its diverse natural beauty, unique culture, delicious food, and more, that Vietnam is a popular tourist destination. But, sometimes, being thrust in with throngs of other tourists can hamper your ability to experience authentic Vietnam. If you are looking for […]

While many English speakers are intimidated by the strange characters and pronunciations of Asian languages, Vietnamese can, in some ways, be easier to navigate. Because it uses a Latinized alphabet, it is easier for those who don’t speak the language to read street signs, order off of menus, and more. While learning how to correctly […]

Best Beaches in Southern Vietnam

Vietnam Visa | January 29, 2019

Are you looking for the perfect beach vacation? For those looking for a different take on the exotic beach getaway, there is a new destination: southern Vietnam. The pristine beaches, with their clear waters, scenic views, and smaller crowds, are a paradise for anyone seeking the perfect beach experience. Though still somewhat less explored, southern […]

You’ve spent some time in beautiful Vietnam and said to yourself, “I wish I didn’t have to leave.” Now, you’re on a mission to navigate the Vietnam work visa process and secure yourself a job so you can stick around for a while. Lucky for you, Vietnam (and East Asia, in general) has a growing […]

With so much to see and do in Vietnam, from the bustling city to the remote areas of stunning natural scenery, your tourist wish list begins to write itself. Imagine looking out of an airplane window going over all the imagery of Vietnam in your mind. Once you get off the plane, your adventure begins. […]