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Travel Requirements to Vietnam: Tourist Visa vs. Business Travel Visa

When planning a trip to Vietnam from the United States, there’s one thing you can’t forget: your visa. That’s your golden ticket to experiencing this Southeast Asian gem. But there’s more to it than just having a visa. It’s important to know the type of visa that suits your travel purpose. Do you want to […]

Traveling From Australia to Vietnam in 2022: What You Need to Know

Starting on March 15, 2022, Vietnam opened its borders to people traveling from Australia to Vietnam. Before heading out on your Vietnamese adventure, it’s essential to plan ahead for COVID-19 quarantine, testing, and rules. As Australians, there are specific rules you must follow when re-entering Australia. From touring the Hanoi Old Quarter to shopping at […]

Traveling From India to Vietnam in 2022: What You Need to Know

After several years of pandemic restrictions, Vietnam removed many of its travel restrictions on March 15, 2022. Thanks to these changes, visitors can travel from India to Vietnam for vacations, business trips, and other purposes. While COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, there are still some movement restrictions and quarantine rules. Before you travel, you should […]

Time to Fly: Making Post-Pandemic Travel Plans for 2022 and Beyond

After living through two-plus years with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is wonderful to see life starting to return to normal. During the height of the global pandemic, many people had to cancel, postpone, or limit their travel plans. In some cases, governments banned people from traveling entirely. While this situation was definitely challenging, the vaccine […]

2022 Vietnam Bucket List Travel Destinations

Vietnam is undeniably a highly desirable travel destination because it has something to offer everyone. Do you want to soak in its thousand years of history? How about indulging in its diverse culture? If you love mouth-watering street foods and all-night parties, you will also find them here. With international travel coming back to life […]

Travel Restrictions from US to Vietnam Lifted: What You Need to Know

As of March 15, 2022, Vietnam lifted its travel restrictions and has resumed pre-pandemic visa issuance policies. While travel has opened up again, a number of new rules and regulations are now in place for travelers from the United States who are heading to Vietnam. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam in the […]

The best beaches in southern Vietnam that you should visit

When planning a trip to Vietnam, be sure to reserve some time to explore southern Vietnam’s many beautiful beaches. The country has over 2,000 miles of coastline! With that much land along the sea, there is a perfect beach for every traveler. Here is our list of some of the best beaches in Vietnam (they […]

When is Vietnam’s weather best for travelers?

If you are planning on visiting Vietnam, you may be wondering, which months have the best weather for visiting the country? It is a hard question to answer, as Vietnam is a vast country with unique weather patterns for each region. The truth is that there is never a wrong time to visit Vietnam. At […]

Vietnam Street Food Prices (Plus an Exploration of Vietnamese Street Cuisine)

Once you have visited Vietnam, you will never forget the abundance of the delicious street food. It can seem like there is a vendor on every corner in every major city. With friendly food vendors lining the streets, all competing for your attention, picking just one can be a challenge! Even your walk down the […]

Best Beaches in Southern Vietnam

Are you looking for the perfect beach vacation? For those looking for a different take on the exotic beach getaway, there is a new destination: southern Vietnam. The pristine beaches, with their clear waters, scenic views, and smaller crowds, are a paradise for anyone seeking the perfect beach experience. Though still somewhat less explored, southern […]