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Foodie Series – North To South: Quang Nai

When you visit Da Nang City, don’t forget to check out Quang Nai. Located on Vietnam’s South Central Coast, this area is almost exactly in the middle of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Originally inhabited by the Sa Huỳnh culture, Quang Nai became a nexus for religious activity after the creation of the Thien […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Tam Ky

As the capital of Quảng Nam Province, Tam Ky is located on Vietnam’s South Central Coast. Thanks to its location, some of the best food in Tam Ky comes from the sea. Don’t miss out on dishes, like porridge with eel, while you’re in the area. Another Tam Ky food you can’t afford to skip […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Hoi An

Originally known as Fai-Fo, modern Hoi An is crisscrossed with gorgeous canals and historic architecture. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999, this city is famous for its “Japanese Bridge” and the Hoi An Lantern Full Moon Festival. Today, visitors can dine on many types of food in Hoi An. Whether you want Hoi […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Da Nang

As the tourist capital of South-Central Vietnam, Da Nang is famous for its sandy beaches, lush mountain ranges, and stunning sunsets. Plus, the food in Da Nang is a perennial favorite among visitors. Home to the Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains, this city was once known as a French colonial port. Other than […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Hue

Long ago, Hue was the capital of Dang Trang. Later on, it was the old Imperial City of the Nguyễn dynasty. From the Huế Monuments to the Forbidden Purple City, there are plenty of places to explore within Hue. While Hue is known for its imperial citadel, pagodas, and royal mausoleums, Hue food is also […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Dong Hoi

The Vietnamese city of Đồng Hới is considered part of the protected Hin Namno Reserve in Laos. It is recognized for its tropical forest atmosphere surrounded by mountains and flowing rivers. But the food in Dong Hoi is often what attracts most visitors to the city in the first place. Take a look at this […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Ha Tinh

Bordered by the Eastern Sea, the city of Hà Tĩnh is an amazing place to visit in Vietnam. The community is home to fascinating history, fun activities, and delicious places to eat. Check out this guide to learn about the best food in Ha Tinh that’s worth a try. About Ha Tinh Located along the […]

Foodie Series – North To South: Nghe An

Nghệ An was one of the bases of the Le Dynasty along with Thanh Hoa during the 1500s. It is separated into multiple districts with distinct communities in each one. Among the many reasons to visit the area, Nghe An food is one of the top factors. Let’s take a look at some of the […]